Wherein I share some personal information with you in the 3rd party voice of Morgan Freeman – please adjust your internal audio accordingly.

Irene Barnett is a comedy writer living in Seattle, Washington (is there any other Seattle?). She is a frequent (and the only) contributor to the comedy website leftofplumb.com. Irene is also a software executive and breeder of twin humans. She hates chickens, has a soft spot for hobos and her inner thoughts are often in the voice of Werner Herzog.

Irene is currently making the rent by assuming the identity of a high-powered executive for a software consulting firm that is based out of Seattle while she really tries to live the life of a writer anywhere that will house her.

She loves paddleboarding, movies, sitting and staring, and shiny things. She has a dog named Ted Baxter and, despite what you may read, she actually does love her kids very much. And, she loves to laugh more than anything on the globe except maybe cursing.

Oh, and finally, don’t believe a word she says.

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  1. Hi Irene! This is Ellie from the Writing Table meetup and I am super happy to have met you, because your writing style is A) hilarious and B) inspiring to me. I am excited to read more of your blog and hope to see you at the meeting next month!

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  4. Um, I don’t know if it’s too soon in our relationship, but…
    I have nominated you for a reader appreciation award. Is that dorky? I don’t care, doesn’t everyone love a little appreciation?

    If you want to play along and spread the love, read my post (link below) for what you need to do next. Even if you don’t, I will still read your blog because that’s what crazy fans do.


    • There is no way that you are not THE MOST AWESOME CHICK IN THE UNIVERSE! I am beyond psyched you would do that – I am officially in love with you. Is THAT too early in our relationship? Crap, I always do that. Can I get your name tattooed on my ass? Shit, see, I did it again!


  5. My girlfriend, as in a friend who is female, sent me over. I’ve poked around and now I’m being forced to stay. I’m subscribing in Google Reader.

  6. Irene, Irene, Irene. She loves to laugh, makes me laugh, makes others laugh, and loves a good glass of wine. Since the day that I met you at McNary Hall at Oregon State University, I had a feeling that we would be friends for a long, long, time. Not much has changed since then. You still loved to laugh, you made me laugh, you made others laugh, but you loved a large pint of beer. (If I remember correctly).

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