Pull My Finger – My First Guest Post

Pull My Finger – My First Guest Post

I have arrived, y’all!!!

I’m so excited this week to get to do a guest post for the delightful Shari Lopatin! Head on over to her blog and take a look at the purdy post I done wrote up for her….and all of you!

Pull My Finger: My Uncivilized Life With Boys

While you are there, check out her fantastic site – http://sharilopatin.com – she is the shizzle!!!

Enjoy and discover, my friends!!


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  1. I laughed MY ASS off when I read your guest post…that said, even though I don’t have boys (besides my husband and a 5 year old Weimaraner) there were MANY things I could relate to. FYI…11 year old pretty tweens like to fart/burp/not flush toilets/and YES leave cabinet doors open…thanks for the laugh….I really needed it… 🙂

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