The Gays Will Rule The World

The Gays Will Rule The World

The Revolution will be choreographed.

Even this soon in my “career” as a “blogger” I have already pissed off several factions in this, the United States of Lack of Sense of Humor and Sarcasm. I figure there is no point in my stopping now.

So, I’ve been thinking about this lately and have come to this conclusion: The Gays are taking over the world. And, I for one, am happy to follow as I do think the world could use a serious make over, a few throw pillows and a fake tan.

Let me just name a few of the biggest power brokers in the coup d’état we are currently embroiled in.

  • Anderson Cooper, who, shocked absolutely NO ONE when he came out.
  • Ryan Seacrest – He has GOT to be gay. I don’t care what anyone says. No straight guy is that pressed and thin.
  • Ellen AND Portia –  A two-headed, well-coiffed Gaystrom (Gaynado? Gayquake? Gaynomi?) to be reckoned with.
  • John Travolta – Yeah, whatever Kelly Preston. Your gig is up, John. The rest of us do not get massages the way you, apparently, think we do.
  • Tom Cruise – No comment necessary.
  • The dude who does Glee.

As an aside: I hate Glee. I do and I am not ashamed to say it out loud. I’ll yell it from the rooftops – Glee is like an annoying yeast infection. By the way, I know the dude’s name is Ryan Murphy but the fact that I know that just annoys me further.

Lord knows I don’t want to piss off my girls. But you all know that I am not a gay man, even though there are times when I wish I were, so just step off bitches!

See, I’d make an AWESOME Gay Man.

So, back to my point….if I actually have one, which is almost always in question on these things.

White heterosexual Protestant/Catholic/Episcopalians are in deep shit. I feel sorry for them, really. Their time as the ruling class may be in jeopardy.

Plain old white males gave way to white males of a Mormon persuasion, which led to bigwig Jewish movie moguls, which ended up with big wig (literally) Gays.

I made out with a whole bunch of you before you saw the light at the bottom of the closet door. And, I always knew you were picturing Ricky Martin. But, you guys have such soft lips I went along with it anyway. And, by the way, still up for a good mashing session if you want. You all smell like a mix of spa robes and coconut oil. Yum.

Recently, I noticed another area in which they are clearly superior.

We all know the Jewish goodbye and have been victims of it. There should be some hotline you can call to get them out of the house in a timely manner. I’ve gone for an hour trying to disengage but they keep remembering new and fascinating details about the story they had been telling you for the past hour. Like the color of shirt they were wearing at the time and that they chose the asparagus over the broccolini at dinner and that was a mistake because the asparagus had this cream sauce with too much pepper and…stab me in the head.

I can say this for a couple of reasons – one is that I know and love many of God’s chosen people who know how I feel about this and second, most people think I’m Jewish.

I also would make an AWESOME Jew.

By comparison, parting with a Gay Man means many air kisses, a promise for brunch and then they vaporize in a cloud of expensive cologne because there are other fabulous events they need to get to that you will NOT be invited to.

Won’t it be an amazing day when we no longer have sexual preference as an adjective to describe people? What ever will we do as a society? We seem to need something to tag people with. How about “The world is run by people with Big Ears.”

I hope so because me and my large lobes will freakin’ rule!!

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  1. And I bet they’ll have a gay old time while doing it (both ways, of course)! Wait, if men an women are equals, and have the same rights and privileges… Then the only reason why people have a problem with homosexuals is because one of them doesn’t play the role of the opposite sex? C, See, sea! SEA! If you seen a woman, but didn’t know she was born a man, you wouldn’t know any better, right? So the big deal is body parts, and the role people expect you to play because of that?

  2. First, I am glad that you said something else. I was holding my breath in that, oh she’s good and I have found her so now she will never post again kind of way. Second, I am glad that you said this. It really should be the Jedi. Admiral Ackbar? Fish person. No one even blinked at this. He was just in charge. Touche, lady.

  3. You said it, sister. I am a straight white girl who loves angsty lesbian folk rock. My best friend (and soulmate from another life, I’m convinced) is a gay man who taught me how to appreciate good beer and how to let go of a plethora of inhibitions and insecurities borne of my conservative, Protestant upbringing. His sexuality is no more a choice for him than mine is for me. I, too, am waiting for the social revolution, for the day when discrimination based on one’s sexual preference is a lame relic of the past. Love is all we need.

  4. I like Glee, but can understand how someone wouldn’t. I like The New Normal (another Murphy show), but am surprised it is still on the air. But I love Murphy’s American Horror Story, and think you would like it as well. And I also loved the first big Murphy project: Nip/Tuck.

  5. I would make a HORRIBLE Jewish woman for the same reason I am a horrible wife for an Italian man – I don’t feel the need to constantly feed people. And I think I’m a little too buttoned up to exude the same level of warmth and friendliness. And I’m not very talkative.
    *Sigh,* I will never be anything but a boring Western European mutt.
    Although I do have a lot of gay friends…

  6. This post spoke to me so deeply. I’m married to a metrosexual Jew. My best friend is a lesbian. Irene, you may be my sister . . . distant cousin . . . or something.

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